The Situation

As most of you have probably guessed the bulk of the income in the past has been from the flirt4free ads on the main site. As long as the income remained above the minimum to survive, I've been content because at heart I'm a computer geek and I really love doing the work.

Here’s what has worked to get us a donation in the past:

  • You can drop cash, check, money order, or a gift card into the mail and send it to:

  • WinkWinkNodNod
    Bill Heaton
    6130 West Flamingo Rd #264
    Las Vegas, NV 89103​

  • Some banks let you send money to an email address or phone number: [email protected]
    (We'll provide a phone number on request)​

  • Google Wallet can send money to the email address: [email protected]

  • I am registered with Venmo via: [email protected]

  • Amazon has eGift cards that you can send to an email address: [email protected]. I eventually find a use for them. However note that I cannot use the European Amazon gift cards as I live in the United States.

  • I am registered with Paypal as: [email protected]. However they have a history of freezing accounts they don’t approve of. They did freeze Hooboy’s account. However current events suggests that they have become more tolerant.

Thank you in advance!