About Daddy's Reviews

You can't talk about Daddy's Reviews without saying a bit about "HooBoy's M4M Escort Reviews," The first male escort review site created. My relationship with HooBoy started in late 1999 when I discovered the web site and was immediately intrigued by the resource that he was providing to a unique portion of the Gay community. I started out as a reader and in short order became a contributor to the site.

The site generated a lot of interest in the first few months of operation, and the site soon grew to the point where it exceeded the bandwidth allocation that HooBoy had purchased. When he started receiving bills for several thousand dollars, He mentioned on the site, that he was likely to shut down the web site because of the cost and asked for help. That's when I contacted him and indicated that I was willing to help him with the site. By March of 2000, HooBoy was up on one of our servers, and because of a common background we rapidly found that as a team, we “Clicked”.

In February, 2003 HooBoy expressed an interest having the site be database driven. HooBoy and Daddy came to an agreement where they would become partners. Daddy to take over the technical aspects of the site and HooBoy to continue operating the site. Daddy quickly rewrote the submit page to send reviews to the database and towards the end of February the new page became active.

Daddy finished the database version of the site in February 2005. Ironically HooBoy passed away the next month while swimming in Bangkok. Shortly after receiving HooBoy's laptops Daddy resumed publishing the reviews while the estate did their due diligence.

In 2005, the Department of Justice issued regulations that expanded the definition of a "secondary producer" of sexually explicit material for 18 U.S.C. ยง 2257. As a result it was decided to no longer published explicit photos as it was felt that they were not needed for legitimate escort reviews.

About a year after HooBoy's death, the estate renewed the HooBoy domain for ten years and parked the domain effectively putting an end to HooBoy's website. Daddy started moving reviews that were in the Database and that he had actually published over to DaddysReviews.com and he started bringing up the new website. Full production began in early August 2006.

Rentboy.com was shutdown at the end of August, 2015. At that time DaddysReviews was criticized for having mostly "Explicit Reviews." Like with explicit photos, explicit reviews are not needed for legitimate Escort reviews and they were no longer published. Daddy created the "Daddy Rules:"

  1. Don't Panic.
  2. Don't break the law.
  3. Know the Law.

When Daddy created DaddysReviews, he wanted to expand the scope of the site to "Reviews Of Interest To Mature Gay Gentlemen." The intent was to expand the reviews to include venues, websites, and products. The old database format was not designed to include different categories of reviews each with it's own specific information. The site took a six month hiatus starting in January, 2017 so that the database could be overhauled.

HR1865 was signed into law on April 11, 2018 by the President. This raised a lot questions about the future of the website. From the very beginning with Hooboy the site was all about reviewing Escorts. Daddy is in the process of expanding the scope of the are site to include any reviews of interest to Mature Gay men. We're not interested in reviewing illegal activities. Escorting is to the best of our knowledge is legal in all jurisdictions.