When Greed Wins Out

Our ASACP support is no longer acceptable

By Daddy (12-June-2010)

Daddys Reviews has in the past been proud to support the "Association of Sites advocating Child Protection" and did so for many years. However somewhere along the way they decided that they needed to raise the bar to participate from $50 to $300 a year.

In this economy that's not a amount that I can justify; When I pointed this out to ASACP, I received the following sarcastic reply from Dawn Yaglelowicz, Member Manager:

I am so sorry to hear that your Company cannot afford to support us even at the low rate of $300 (only $25 a month), you know how vital our work is to protecting children while helping you to protect your business. However, with consolidations in the industry and the economy, ASACP has experienced a dip in sponsorship and truly needs your help. We understand that this past year's economy caused Companies to pull back and take measures to survive, but times are changing and we would truly hate to lose you as a supporter to such an important and justified cause.

The $50 dollar supporter level was discontinued over a year ago, as with rising costs ASACP would not survive to serve this industry if current demands are not met.

We appreciate your past support and hope that you choose to renew your membership.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks Again,

Somehow the ASACP has forgotten that some of their earliest supports have been small mom and pop operations. It seems such shame that they have decided to abandon a significant part of their support base. With Regrets, Daddy